Project Tharu ( தருதிட்டம்) Tharu in tamil means (To give). Through Project Tharu, we aim to plant 1 Lakh trees by the end of this year. Our plan is to target Schools, Colleges, Residential areas and Govt maintained complexes.

How does it work

Project Tharu team will work with LAA members and Tamilnadu Forest Department to identify places where trees can be planted and based on the need, execution will be planned. The Project THARU team will reach out to various sources for funding and other required contributions. Once the required funding and materials are acquired,the Project THARU team will execute the plan of planting trees and will also take care of maintenance of the same.

To participate in this project, all you need to do is to plant a tree and register the same with us here.. Anybody who contributes will get a certificate from the Project Tharu team as a token of appreciation for your effort.

Your work will not be over by just planting a tree alone on places that we suggest, in addition to that we also request you to take care of the tree until it’s big enough to stand on its own Or You can also send us Tree Saplings, Tree guards, plantation equipment, etc to any of the below addresses to support us.

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