Kathir (In Tamil: கதிர்) is the project launched in the favor of Farmers which will indeed benefit the Agriculture industry. Kadhir in Tamil means Crop. Project Kadhir is an Agriculture oriented programme aimed at supporting Farmers and enhancing Agriculture. Project Kadhir is led by the Farmers Welfare Wing of LAA. Through Project Kadhir, LAA will closely work with the Agriculture and Horticulture Departments to ensure the livelihood of farmers. Project Kadhir will be focusing on the following activities:

Project Kathir will also serve as a forum for farmers to voice out their concerns to the Government through proper channel and LAA will take care of the documentation related activities for illiterates.

Farmers Welfare Wing will be made available in All Districts, Towns and Villages. We need volunteers to support us in this initiative. People who would like to join hands with us to ensure the livelihood of the farmers and to save the Agriculture industry, click here and register as a Volunteer of LAA Farmers Wing for your locality (Form link).

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