Donate Old Clothes

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Donate Old Clothes

Clothes are part and parcel of every humanu2019s life. It is one of the basic necessities for anyone in the world. In LAA, we are creating an opportunity to give your old clothes a second life.nnDonate your clothes or your childrenu2019s USED but UNTORN clothes that are no longer required by you. All you need to do is pack and courier them to any of our offices and we will help you ensure that these clothes reach the needy people through the right channel.

Northern Parts of Tamil Nadu

LAA Joint Secretary Office,
Plot No 365, 1st Cross Street,
Saiganesh Nagar, Pallikaranai u2013 Chennai – 600100
Office: 9962700001

Southern Parts of Tamil Nadu

LAA Head Office
No 17/19 B, Anna Statue Junction,
Win Law Chamber Street,
Near MathaKurusady, Thuckalay u2013 629175,
Kanyakumari District
Office: 9994440791

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