LAA 1st Year Anniversary Meet

LAA 1st Year Anniversary Meet

Meeting synopsis: The 1st year Anniversary meet of LAA was held at Madipakam, Chennai. The meeting was headed and led by the National and State heads Founder and President Mr G.George Belegin MA.,LL.B., General Secretary Adv S Akilan, M.A.,L.L.M, National Secretary Mrs Uma Maheswari, National Joint Secretary Mr Dinesh S, National Coordinator Mr Jegan and State Secretary Mr Vinoth.

The meeting was organised and coordinated by South Chennai District Secretary Mr Anbarasan, State Joint Secretary Mr Sathish, South Chennai District Org Secretary and their South Chennai LAA Team.

LAA members from all over state have attended and favoured the occasion.

Honouring COVID Frontline Worker

The major part of the meeting was to honour the COVID frontline workers who risked their lives to protect the public during Pandemic. COVID warriors such as Police officers, Doctors, Nurses, Reporters and Corporation workers were honoured with Awards and Certificates during the meet
The members of LAA who worked hard during the past 1 year and played a crucial role in the development of LAA have been honoured with medals and certificates too. The highest of all awards being the, “The LeaderBoard award” was presented to National Joint Secretary Mr, Dinesh S for his contributions towards the development Association. The other awardees were:
During the COVID 19 pandemic, several LAA members have worked along with the Government officials, Local bodies and the common public to create COVID awareness and provided COVID related aid all over Tamilnadu. LAA has recognised and honoured all the members who worked during the Pandemic with COVID Warriors Award to honour them.

Post the award ceremony, LAA Leadership members Mr M Vinoth, Mr Dinesh S, Adv S Akilan and Adv Belegin gave their speech to those who were present at the meeting.

State Secretary Mr Vinoth, congratulated the members for their contributions to LAA and the public and encouraged them to work for the society without any expecting any personal benefits other than that of development of the society.

National Joint Secretary, Mr Dinesh S in his speech, appreciated the members who contributed in developing the LAA team in all districts and thanked for their efforts. He also, insisted the LAA officials to create a strong LAA base in all districts by forming teams in all Cities, Towns and Unions rather than forming a huge team around one fewer places so that any awareness programs organized by LAA reaches each and every nook and corner of the state.
General Secretary, Adv Akilan in his speech congratulated the members who worked during the Pandemic and encouraged all to do more in the coming days. He also shared his thoughts about how to organise awareness programs to the common public and also shared his own experiences and joy of serving the society.
National President Mr G.George Belegin in his speech, appreciated all the members, the Front line workers and the common public for their great effort during the pandemic. He also shared his knowledge on various Legal aspects like, How to file an RTI, How the followup a RTI, How to raise Public issues to the knowledge of the government, etc.

LAA Officials and Members from all over state were also given chance to share their experiences with LAA for the past 1 year.

Overall, LAA had it’s successful journey for the past 1 year and it is evreryone’s belief that it will continue to do the same in the following years too

State Level Leaders Appointed

We are pleased to appoint the below leaders into our Tamilnadu state leadership team

    1. Dr. A Angappan (Proprietor of Devar Group of Companies) as the State Org Secretary of Tamil Nadu. He will coordinate with the various Organizational teams of LAA an drive its success
    2. Mr. A Samraj as the State Treasurer of Tamilnadu. He will take care of LAA’s financial and Accounting going forward
    3. Mr. K Nelson Mandela as the State Joint Secretary of Tamilnadu (Vellore Region). In this role Mr K Nelson Mandela will be responsible for forming and organizing the teams in Vellore, Tirupattur and Ranipet districts

LAA leadership wishes all the very best for those are appointed today!!!

Apply for Tamilnadu State Coordinator Post

We are pleased to appoint the below members for the leadership positions for Vellore district.
Full Name District Posting to be offered (To be filled by Office)
M.SIVA Vellore Vellore City Joint Secretary (Deputy)
R.SIVAKUMAR Vellore Vellore District Treasurer
K.VANITHA Vellore Vellore City Women’s Wing Secretary
K.GURU MURTHY Vellore Vellore District Org Secretary
G.BEULAH ELIZABETH RANI Vellore Vellore City Joint Secretary (Deputy)
G.ALTHAF AHMED Vellore Vellore City Joint Secretary
D.SURESH KUMAR Vellore Vellore District Joint Secretary (Deputy)
S.VELAYUTHAM Vellore Anaicut Union Secretar (Deputy)
Vinith KM Vellore Gudiyattam Town Secretary
Sathyanarayana Moorthi Vellore Vellore District Trade Union Secretary
S Ajay Vellore Vellore District Engineering Wing Joint Secretary
G Jayakumar Vellore Vellore District Joint Secretary
N Valarmathi Vellore Vellore District Women’s Wing Joint Secretary
S Pandian Vellore Anaicut Union Joint Secretary (Deputy)
G Althaf Ahmed Vellore Vellore City Joint Secretary
M Kumar Vellore Anaicut Union Joint Secretary
S Jaison Viji Vellore Vellore City Joint Secretary
We wish them All success in their roles and we hope that their valuable contributions to Vellore district will be considered valuable in the long run.